Music for a while

Music for a while

Date de parution : 03 mars 2014

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Music For A While
Improvisations on Henry Purcell

1 ’Twas within a furlong (Capezzuto)
2 Music for a while (Jaroussky)
3 Strike the viol (Andueza)
4 An Evening Hymn on a Ground (Jaroussky)
5 In vain the am’rous flute (Jaroussky, Capezzuto)
6 A Prince of glorious race descended (Andueza)
7 O solitude, my sweetest choice (Jaroussky)
8 When I am laid in earth (Andueza)
9 Wondrous machine (Capezzuto)
10 Here the deities approve (Jaroussky)
11 Ah! Belinda (Andueza)
12 Hark! how the songsters of the grove (Andueza, Jaroussky)
13 One charming night (Capezzuto)
14 Man is for the woman made (Visse)
15 O let me weep (The Plaint) (Andueza)
16 Curtain Tune on a Ground
Bonus :
17 Halleluja (Leonard Cohen) (Capezzuto)

Philippe Jaroussky
Raquel Andueza
Vincenzo Capezzuto
Dominique Visse
Christina Pluhar

CD 0825646337507